600Breezy Girlfriend Raven Jackson Committed Suicide

Raven Jackson, 600Breezy’s girlfriend, allegedly committed suicide. On September 6, 2022, 600 Breezy announced her death on social media. He also said that she had been dealing with mental health concerns for quite some time prior to her death. The rapper shared their photos on social media, along with a screenshot that may be a suicide note. According to the caption,

“Are you really going to abandon me forever?” Do you realize how many people adore you, Raven? If this been the consequence, I would never have left. I’m f****d up for the rest of my life, darling, you just ended me psychologically.”

However, Queen Key, Breezy’s mother, chastised him on social media, claiming that he is a clout chasing after his girlfriend’s death. She said,

“First and foremost, breezy is f***** goofy. Raven, rest in peace, but this silverback looking a** n***** trying to clout up her death is too f**** strange.”

Key proceeded to criticize Breezy and questioned his parenting abilities, saying he hoped she had died while pregnant.

Everything about 600Breezy’s ex-girlfriend

Queen Key is a well-known rapper who was born on June 6, 1996. She became interested in music when she was six years old and used to rap in high school. Panic, her debut single, was published in September 2016, and the video garnered excellent feedback on YouTube. She then went on to release additional singles such as Hit A Lic, Killa, Baked as a Pie, Calling All Eaters, Take Money, and others. Key has also remixed various songs, and her tracks, such as Queen Key – Ha ft. Dreezy, Queen Key – Spenda Nite ft. Tink, and others, have been well received by the public. Since November 2018, her music video titled @KeyisQueen – Queen Key (bodak yellow freestyle) [filmed by @sheheartstevin] has earned over one million views.

Raven Jackson

Her YouTube account has around 45,000 followers. She appeared on the YouTube channel Rayy Moneyyy Visions with rapper Tink and has been seen smoking in the majority of her photos and videos. She has a younger sibling. There is currently no detailed information available about her educational background, career, personal life, or parents.

600Breezy and Raven Jackson’s relationship

Although it is unclear how or where they originally met, 600Breezy and Raven Jackson were romantically connected in 2020. Jackson was a fitness model, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She had over 250,000 followers on Instagram and was set to start a fitness apparel company this month in Miami, Florida.

Raven Jackson

Don’t Get Smoked and 24 Bars are two of Breezy’s most well-known tracks. Breezo George Gervin, his mixtape, was published in 2016, and he has already released another mixtape, Sixo Breezo. The Chicago, Illinois native was a member of the Black Disciples gang at the time, and his songs largely dealt with gang issues.

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