6 Facts Regarding The Disappearance Of Arizona Geologist Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson, an Arizona geologist, went missing under suspicious circumstances last year, alarming coworkers, acquaintances, and family. Disappeared season 10 episode 2 of Investigation Discovery is going to tell the amazing tale of Robinson’s disappearance. The episode, titled Disappearance in the Desert, will air on Investigation Discovery on September 14, 2022. This episode, like the others in the docu-series, will be narrated by the victim’s friends and relatives, as well as detectives who were involved in solving the case of the missing Daniel Robinson. But, before you read it, here are some fascinating facts regarding the case.

6 facts concerning Daniel Robinson’s disappearance

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1) Daniel went missing under suspicious circumstances.

Daniel Robinson vanished on June 23, 2021, under unknown circumstances. According to Ken Elliott, a pump mechanic who worked with Daniel before he went missing, he was acting suspiciously before he went missing. According to Elliot, he met Daniel in the desert location that day to check a well, but the two were waiting for the storm to pass. Daniel had recommended that they leave work and go rest in Phoenix while staring out into the desert, but Elliot had declined. Daniel proceeded forward by himself, and no one saw him again.

Daniel Robinson

2) Daniel Robinson’s jeep was subsequently discovered

A month later, Robinson’s Jeep was discovered abandoned in a gully approximately three miles from his work location in the Arizona desert. The jeep was filthy, with the airbags engaged and the sunroof panel knocked off. Daniel’s personal things were recovered in the Jeep, including his orange construction vest, boots, pair of blue pants, rucksack, laptop, mobile phone, and apartment keys, but there was no evidence of Daniel.

Daniel Robinson

3) Disagreement about the absence

There was some disagreement over whether or not a foul activity was involved in Daniel Robinson’s disappearance. Nothing at the scene, according to police, indicated that the disappearance was the result of another person’s actions. The authorities issued the following statement on the case:

“When a loved one goes missing, families and our whole community experience fear, confusion, and worry. Investigators are still looking for information that may lead to Daniel’s return and offer closure for the Robinson family and the many others affected by his tragedy.”

On the other side, Daniel’s father and a private investigator specializing in accident reconstruction called Jeff McGrath thought otherwise. According to Jeff, this was the most perplexing case he had ever worked on, and he suspected that the vehicle’s airbags had been released somewhere else than the ravine.

4) Concerns were raised about Daniel’s mental health.

The disappearance of Daniel Robinson sparked much debate. According to police investigations, no second person was engaged in the case, and they also investigated Daniel’s mental health before he went missing. Daniel was discovered to have a crush on a lady called Katelyn, to whom he carried groceries.

Although Katelyn informed authorities she had no connection with Daniel, another of his friends revealed that Daniel had allegedly hooked up with one of the females he delivered to. According to Katelyn, Daniel grew infatuated with her and began showing up at her home and messaging her about how much he loved her. When Katelyn requested that he stop, he texted:

“The world can improve, but I’ll have to take all the time I can or we can, whatever you want to call it.” I’ll see you again or I’ll never see you again.”

Daniel Robinson’s portrayal as a scorned and unhappy man contradicted his father’s perception of him. He thought his kid was a go-getter, a scientist with the capacity to transform the world since he had a bright future ahead of him.

5) Daniel’s father David Robinson took control of the situation.

He thought that the police were not doing enough to find his kid, so he took things into his own hands and hired Jeff McGrath, a private investigator. Jeff is a former officer and investigator of vehicular crime. The majority of Daniel Robinson’s searches were undertaken by volunteers, organizations, and Robinson’s family. David, who was frustrated with the Buckeye Police Department and their feeble efforts to solve the case, stated:

“So far, I’ve spent almost 40 weeks searching in the Sonoran Desert, a search based on research and study that has covered a wide area. We have searched over 23K acres of that enormous region that still contains unexplored territory. That is something I am actively working on.”

Daniel Robinson

6) David Robinson is still optimistic.

Despite the fact that his kid has been gone for a year, David Robinson remains hopeful. He is still looking for his kid and published a post commemorating him a few months ago, which read:

“My kid has been gone for one year. It’s one year to the rest of the planet. To us, the family, each day is one after the other, a series of fleeting moments in which optimism is constantly overshadowed by despair. Day after day, the drive to keep looking triumphed over the want to give up hope.”

In honor of his son and other missing persons whose families are still waiting for their return, he sponsored a Day of Remembrance at the Arizona State Capitol House and Senate Lawn. On that day, the Robinsons arranged a search from 5:45 a.m. until 10 a.m. off Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road.

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