5 Things You Should Know About Barbara Kendhammer’s Death

Barbara Kendhammer’s terrible demise is due to be revisited and re-chronicled in the forthcoming episode of 48 Hours Season 34. This Saturday, September 3, 2022, at 9 / 8c, the program will be re-released exclusively on CBS. The official summary for the 48 Hours episode titled Mystery on County Road M is as follows:

“Todd Kendhammer claims his wife was killed in an automobile accident when a pipe fell from a truck and collided with their vehicle. Authorities believe the incident was orchestrated. Erin Moriarty, a journalist for “48 Hours,” reports.”

The shocking case, which will be re-investigated in 48 Hours, goes back to 2016. Barbara Kendhammer, a married lady from Wisconsin, allegedly died after being involved in a horrific car accident south of La Crosse. Prosecutors say it wasn’t an accident, but rather a savage murder committed by the woman’s husband, Todd Kendhammer. Since CBS announced the forthcoming episode of 48 Hours, viewers have been anxious to hear more about the terrifying death case.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some important facts concerning the 2016 Barbara Kendhammer death case, ahead of the forthcoming edition of 48 Hours on CBS this Saturday. Before the forthcoming 48 Hours program airs on CBS, learn 5 important facts regarding the 2016 Barbara Kendhammer death case.

Who was Barbara Kendhammer?

Barbara Kendhammer, a 46-year-old lady from La Crosse, Wisconsin, was born in March 1970. In 1988, she graduated from high school. In 1991, almost three years after graduating, the Wisconsin lady married her spouse, Todd Kendhammer.

Barbara Kendhammer
Barbara and her husband, Todd, went on to produce two children, a girl called Jessica and a boy named Jordan. She formerly worked in the West Salem Middle School cafeteria in Wisconsin. Barbara was a kind-hearted lady who enjoyed her job and was an animal lover, according to many who knew her.

Barbara’s marriage to Todd

Her marriage to her husband Todd was said to be flawless. According to close ones, the two had an extremely compatible connection. She and her husband had just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary when the awful occurrence occurred. According to their children, they were still in love and had a great deal of respect for one another. Jessica, their daughter, said in a statement:  “Whatever my mother desired, my father provided it to her,…They were simply at a very happy moment in their life since they had their first grandchild and were well off.” (Source: CBS News)

What happened to her lovely life?

The 46-year-old Wisconsin lady was killed in an automobile accident on a rural road near La Crosse on September 16, 2016, at 8 a.m. Todd Kendhammer, her husband, was apparently there throughout the horrific and strange traffic collision. Todd then dialed 911 to report the event. Barbara Kendhammer was transferred to a local hospital when police arrived at the accident scene, where she died the following day, September 17, 2016.

In this instance, who do the prosecutors believe?

Prosecutors suspect the terrible occurrence was not an accident, but rather a murder staged to seem like a car accident. They suspect Todd Kendhammer, Barbara Kendhammer’s husband of 25 years, committed the murder and faked the accident. Prosecutors, however, were unable to provide any explanations for Todd’s murder of his wife. Jordan and Jessica, the couple’s children, who do not think their father could have committed the crime, stated in a statement:

“They never revealed how he murdered her or what he did to arrange things…  If he meant to murder Ma, why would he go to all the bother of finding a pipe, driving all the way out to the middle of a busy road—…. He has around 28 firearms in his basement.” (Source: CBS News)

Barbara Kendhammer

What happened to Todd Kendhammer?

Todd Kendhammer informed the investigators about the accident:

“Something like a pipe came through the windshield” (Via CBS News)

However, when asked about the cause of her death, the medical examiner who performed Barbara Kendhammer’s autopsy stated:

“blunt impact head and neck injuries.”

Other key evidences pointed to a contradiction in Todd’s account of the occurrence. Todd was eventually charged with the murder of his wife, Barbara Kendhammer, and was convicted guilty of first-degree intentional homicide on December 15, 2017. The court sentenced him to life in jail with the possibility of release. Todd’s appeal for a fresh trial was denied by the court in May 2022. He intends to file an appeal against the court’s ruling.

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