5 Reasons Why Genshin Impact Would Be Fantastic To See As An Anime

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular video games internationally right now, yet it lacks an anime, much to the bewilderment of its fans. miHoYo has never given a justification for the absence of such an adaption. The sheer popularity of the game, among other factors, makes it seem like it will definitely happen regardless.

Many video games have had anime adaptations through the years; similarly, the converse has happened. Seeing one type of media migrate into another is a nice thing for its fans, and it’s something that most people would expect to see for a series they love.


Five reasons why Genshin Impact should have an anime

5) It would be a smooth transition

Some video games don’t transition well to television. For example, Tetris is one of the most popular video games of all time, yet it’s not something that would make for exciting episodes by itself. By comparison, something like Genshin Impact has enough drama, comedy, and plot to captivate its player base.

The writers wouldn’t have to take many creative liberties to make it acceptable for wide audiences, as demonstrated by the game’s tremendous appeal to casual and dedicated gamers.

4) It would give supporters something to watch when not playing the game

Genshin Impact is a popular and well-received video game, yet there might be instances where devoted fans don’t have much to do. Events only come around every few weeks, and gamers who complete every mission won’t have much motivation to play a long session.

Many Travelers adore looking at fanart and fanfictions in their leisure time. As fantastic as it might be at times, it’s still unapproved stuff. If there were an official anime, that would be altogether different.

There might be something fascinating about waiting for an episode to come out or binge-watching the entire series when it becomes possible.

3) Honkai Impact 3rd has its own anime

miHoYo’s other popular title, Honkai Impact 3rd, has its own anime called as Cooking with Valkyries. It’s a basic slice-of-life focusing on Honkai residents preparing meals together, and there are 18 episodes divided into two seasons and a special as well.

This video illustrates that a Genshin Impact anime wouldn’t necessarily have to match the game’s events down to a tee. A stupid spin-off may work just well if something more faithful couldn’t be developed for whatever reason.

Plus, Honkai Impact 3rd has another one known as ELF Academy, and it’s a game that’s significantly less popular than Genshin Impact.

2) There is a ton of stuff to pick from

Genshin Impact offers a considerable number of content for episodes from numerous sources, such as the following:

The game, by itself, will have enough material to stretch over multiple seasons. The Archon Quest series would be the most natural choice to start with, but even some of the events may qualify as fun episodes.

Adding the manga might even improve the plot flow more naturally, adding some key information lacking from the game. There are so many popular personalities; it would be easy to make numerous episodes feel refreshing and not repetitive.

1) It’s an immensely popular game

Far less popular video games have earned at least a season of television dedicated to them in the past. It’s unusual that Genshin Impact presently has no anime, especially given it’s regularly the most talked-about video game on social media. Its renown would make it identifiable to casuals, which is more than one can say about previous adaptations.

It would be improbable for an anime version of Genshin Impact to bomb. The previous Honkai Impact 3rd instances indicate that miHoYo can license the IP to competent companies. Therefore they’ll likely do the same for their most renowned video game.

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