5 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Should Captain Manchester United

The return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United was expected to have a significant impact on the club’s season. While the Portuguese has had a productive season thus far, United have struggled in general.

Manchester United is currently sixth in the Premier League table, nine points behind the leaders. It’s certainly not a good sign, given how badly the club needs to win again.

Cristiano Ronaldo should be Manchester United’s captain.

Manchester United has many issues that need to be addressed. Solskjaer’s management deserves criticism, but so do the players’ character and performance. Cristiano Ronaldo is United’s best on-and-off-field leader. If he instills Manchester United loyalty in his teammates, the competition for the badge will increase.

On that note, here are five reasons why Ronaldo deserves to be Manchester United’s captain:

Number 5: Harry Maguire is having difficulty.

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire was named by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The English defender performed admirably last season but has recently struggled.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

There is no doubt about Maguire’s capabilities at the back. He’s strong, commanding in the air, and has a good sense of the game. He can also play the ball out from the back to set up the play.

Maguire, on the other hand, appears out of form now, especially after returning from injury, and is clearly not helping United’s cause. With Solskjaer on the verge of being fired, it may be best to relieve him of his responsibilities and hand over to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Number 4: Portugal’s captain

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a club and national team legend. Despite not being a regular club captain, he has captained the Portuguese national team for nearly thirteen years.


The former Real Madrid player recognizes and appreciates the value of being a true leader. He has repeatedly demonstrated this with Portugal by leading by example with his inspirational performances. One of the best examples came during the Euro 2016 final when he was forced to be replaced early in the game. Despite his absence from the field, Cristiano Ronaldo rallied his team from the sidelines to win the tournament.

That’s how high his spirits are, and Cristiano Ronaldo certainly knows how to inspire his teammates. His experience with the national team will be extremely beneficial to his leadership of Manchester United, hopefully resulting in a lot of success over time.

Number 3: Cristiano Ronaldo is intimately familiar with the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2003 under Sir Alex Ferguson. The Portuguese superstar was just a young lad taking the next step in his football career.


Under Ferguson’s tutelage, the former Sporting winger blossomed into one of the game’s best. Cristiano Ronaldo gained invaluable experience. During his first stint at Manchester United, he learned the club’s ins and outs. Ronaldo not only achieved success during his six-year tenure but also became an integral part of the club.

His passion and love for the club drive him to give his all. Given that Cristiano Ronaldo is well aware of Manchester United’s expectations and standards, making him the team’s leader will only benefit the team.

Number 2: Elite Mindset

Cristiano Ronaldo’s never-say-die attitude has always distinguished him from his contemporaries. Despite his success, the Portuguese are well aware of the difficulties that the game can present.


However, his strong and elite mentality has always enabled him to overcome the most difficult situations. Cristiano Ronaldo is more than just a player; he leads from the front and by example. The former Real Madrid forward has already demonstrated his ability to lead on the pitch during his brief second stint at Manchester United.

Manchester United was in desperate need of a goal in UEFA Champions League matches against Villarreal at home and Atalanta away. Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up in the dying minutes of the game and scored the game’s winner and equalizer. Ronaldo has a winning mentality, goals or no goals, and having a leader of that caliber will greatly benefit Manchester United’s cause.

Number 1: Manchester United,  in the Premier League, requires a respected leader.

In the short time, he has been captain of Manchester United, Harry Maguire has led the team admirably. Having said that, United has seen a significant drop in form, and in times like these, the leader’s experience comes in handy.


Unfortunately, the Englishman’s form hasn’t been very good, and it’s at times like these that his experience as captain is called into question. In addition, given the results trend, his teammates’ respect is being questioned. A player of Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue, on the other hand, would not face such a problem.

His teammates do not only highly regard him, but many regard him as an idol. Cristiano Ronaldo was born to be a leader and a champion. Even in such trying times, he has delivered performances that have helped Manchester United to a win or at the very least a draw. This is the type of leader United requires right now, so no time should be wasted in handing the armband to Cristiano Ronaldo.

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