5 Reasons Friends Is One Of The Greatest Sitcoms Of All Time

Friends has been on the air for over 25 years, but the show shows no signs of slowing down. In many ways, the show has been a watershed moment in television history, redefining the notion of comedy and sitcoms.

The outstanding cast, the screenplay, and the intelligent gags combine to make this one of the best sitcoms ever. It rates pretty high on the lists of fans who occasionally turn to the sitcom for some friendly chuckles and a journey down memory lane since it provides viewers with top-notch amusement.


Why is Friends still a beloved sitcom today

Here are five reasons why we believe Friends is the best sitcom in television history.

1) It is progressive in its outlook.

Friends was a sitcom that was much ahead of its time. This is why it is still relevant and exciting today. It had representation and addressed some grave societal concerns. The show featured a gay couple at the forefront. Aside from that, it also addressed polyamory, like in the case of Phoebe’s birth mother, and held the place for trans representation, as shown in Chandler’s father’s tale. The sitcom paved the framework for more progressive television productions to follow.

2) The well-developed characters

Every character in the sitcom is interesting in their way and relatable to everyone at some point in their life. Each character is distinct, from Monica’s obsessive cleaning to Rachel’s love of fashion, Joey’s cute idiocy, Chandler’s quips, Ross’ failed romances, and Phoebe’s oddities. The characters are written so brilliantly that they almost feel real. They have positive and negative characteristics, making them accessible and accurate to viewers.

3) Appearances

Cameo appearances by some of Hollywood’s most significant personalities were prevalent in the show. Brad Pitt appeared as Ross’ old pal who came over for Thanksgiving, as did Danny DeVito as a stripper at Phoebe’s bachelorette party, as did Alec Baldwin, Dakota Fanning, Robbie Williams, Winona Ryder, and Paul Rudd, among many others.

4) The theme music

The Rembrandts’ theme song, written specifically for the show, lives on in our hearts. The opening theme, shot in the Warner Bros. studio with a fountain and the iconic sofa, plays at the beginning of each episode, depicting the six cast members around the fountain. The song embodies the soul of the series, and it’s impossible to mention the sitcom without thinking I’ll be there for you.

5) Fashion from the 1990s

If the sitcom represents anything other than friendship, it’s ’90s fashion. Friends popularized the 1990s style, which continues to influence fashion trends now. In the episode, all the cast members wore tank tops with Levi’s jeans, slip-dresses, leather pants, bell bottoms, platform flip flops, and even Rachel’s signature hairstyle.

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