5 K-pop Celebrities That Have Publicly Revealed Their Plastic Surgeries

The K-pop business is well-known for having high beauty standards that are closely adhered to by K-pop stars and their agents. Many K-pop celebrities get these operations to prevent negative criticism about their appearance. However, many K-pop stars avoid discussing cosmetic surgery in order to prevent public outrage. However, there are K-pop celebrities that publicly disclose their operations rather than concealing them and even inspire others to be confident in themselves.

Top 5 K-pop stars that have openly discussed their plastic operations

1) Jessi – Nose, Eyes, and Chest

Jessi has already spoken openly about her nose job and double eyelid surgery. The singer and rapper said that her agent advised her to get surgery, but she didn’t like the way she looked at first, and she even sobbed. In fact, the K-pop diva said at the time that she regretted buying it. She also discussed having breast implants on an episode of Happy Together. When it comes to appearance standards, the K-pop business is tough. Jessi has received a lot of criticism in the business for a variety of reasons, one of which being her looks. The singer said on an episode of Happy Together that she read the remarks about her.


She said that it was evident that Jessi had breast implants. The singer remarked throughout the chat that she paid for it and shouldn’t have to conceal it. Fans were amazed by the K-pop idol’s audacity. Jessi is regarded as one of the most powerful artists in the K-pop business. The singer shines not just because of her skill, but also because of her personality.

2) Super Junior’s Heechul – Eyes and Nose

Super Junior’s Heechul announced that he got his eyelids done on MBC’s Radio Star. On the SBS radio broadcast, the musician also confessed that he had nose surgery. He claimed that he was involved in a car accident while doing his mandated military duty. As a consequence, his nose was shattered, and he had surgery to restore it to its previous shape.

His nose seemed flatter than before the procedure. He said that he intends to do it again. Heechul is a well-known performer with excellent facial characteristics. Fans commended him for being transparent about his operations and not hiding them. In fact, he was proud of it.

3) JooE (MOMOLAND)- Nose

MOMOLAND member JooE has freely addressed her nose job. During an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros in 2018, the K-pop star revealed the surgery while discussing her ear piercing. The singer casually stated that she used to like the appearance of her right ear but had given up cartilage in her ear due to a nose job. She informed the MCs that she had cartilage removed from her right ear and used it in a nose operation.


Though many stars have suffered criticism after disclosing their cosmetic surgery, JoeE was not one of them. She was commended for her candor on the matter. Fans liked her constant joy and candor. Fans appreciated how nonchalantly JooE discussed her nose operation since the matter is taken seriously in the business and talent is sometimes ignored for similar reasons.

4) Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – Eyes

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun disclosed during the show’s Radio Star that he had had double-eyelid cosmetic surgery. Kyuhyun’s parents have natural double eyelids, but the singer does not. Dana went on the program as a guest and said that she had worked with Kyuhyun in the musical The Musketeers. She also said that the singer was absent from practice for about a week at the time and assumed that Kyuhyun had gone due to an overseas commitment. Dana stated that Kyuhyun appeared strange after returning and that it was due to Kyuhyun’s double eyelid surgery.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun has publicly admitted to having surgery. He said that he required the procedure again since his initial double-eyelid vanished after five years, to which he had become used. Fans praised the singer’s outspoken approach to the topic as well as his public confession.

5) Soyou (SISTAR)- Nose

Soyou was a member of the famous girl group SISTAR in the past. Soyou has previously spoken openly about her nose job, also known as rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, the cause of her operation was tragic since it was the outcome of the harsh remarks she got. She said that she went to see a cosmetic surgeon after becoming frustrated with negative remarks about her appearance. Soyou struggled to overcome her mental health concerns as a consequence of the disparaging remarks about her beauty. After having surgery, she was able to cope with public criticism.


The glossy image of the Korean entertainment business has several dark aspects, one of which is beauty standards. The aesthetic requirements of K-pop stars may be quite painful for idols, who must undergo surgeries and strict diets to meet such criteria. While fans want to see their idols at their finest, consumers’ tastes are evolving, which is why many artists have been embraced by the Korean entertainment business despite not meeting the industry’s aesthetic criteria. K-pop stars such as Jessi, Hwasa from Mamamoo, Kim Nam-joon from BTS, and others have created an impression on the public. These celebrities encourage individuals to be themselves. Fans anticipate such favorable aesthetic standards, which push K-pop stars to be more self-assured. Fans complimented heroes for being brave enough to discuss such surgery in public and for trusting in themselves.

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