5 Disturbing Facts Regarding Annie Kasprzak’s Murder

The heartbreaking death of Annie Kasprzak was revisited and discussed in the season 7 premiere of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered. On December 13, 2022, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, Oxygen broadcast the episode (ET). The Girl in the Red Shoes was the title of the Dateline: Secrets Uncovered episode. Oxygen’s official summary for episode 20 of the series Season 7 is as follows:

“After being adopted by her case worker, Annie Kasprzak had a second shot at a happy life; however, the 15-year-old disappears; her parents discover a letter in her bed that discloses a secret Annie has been concealing.”

Annie Kasprzak’s terrifying situation stretches back to 2012. Darwin Christopher Bagshaw, a teenager at the time, viciously killed the adolescent girl from Riverton, Salt Lake County, Utah. In this section, we go deeper to learn more about the case. Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Season 7 Episode 20 delves into five important circumstances behind Annie Kasprzak’s death.

Who was Annie Kasprzak?

Anne Grace “Annie” Kasprzak, also known as Annie Kasprzak, was reportedly born on January 10, 1997. Her tragic situation dates back to 2012 when she was just 15 years old. She was abused as a youngster and placed in the foster care system. Annie was later adopted by the Kasprzaks when she was nine years old. She was a freshman at Summit Academy, located in Draper, Utah. Annie had a lover called Darwin Christopher Bagshaw at the time of her death.

Annie Kasprzak

What happened to the adolescent?

Annie Kasprzak reportedly vanished without a trace on March 10, 2012. After being unable to locate her, her adoptive parents filed a missing person complaint with Utah police. The following day, Utah officials discovered Annie’s fatally damaged corpse. Annie died due to many blunt force injuries and a shattered skull, indicating that she was brutally battered to death.

Where did the authorities discover Annie’s body?

A runner noticed blood stains and one red shoe on a bridge above Utah’s Jordan River on March 11, 2012. Following that, officials began a thorough search in the Jordan River region, and Annie’s unidentifiable corpse was located downstream in the Jordan River.

Who murdered Annie?

Darwin Christopher Bagshaw, Annie Kasprzak’s then-boyfriend, was later charged with her murder. Darwin was 14 years old in 2012, while Annie was 15 years old. He and Annie allegedly had a love connection for almost a year and a half. After Annie informed him and numerous others that she was pregnant with his kid, the two got into a fight. This, however, was eventually revealed to be false.

Annie Kasprzak

Unfortunately, Darwin, believing the pregnancy announcement to be real, allegedly murdered Annie to conceal the pregnancy. He fatally struck her with a shovel many times until she died, and then discarded her corpse in the river.

What happened to Darwin Christopher Bagshaw?

Darwin Christopher Bagshaw was caught by Colorado police in October 2014, two years after the event. In February 2016, Bagshaw was convicted guilty of Annie’s first-degree criminal murder. Darwin, who was 18 at the time, was sentenced to 15 years to life in jail for the horrible act. He is now incarcerated at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Sanpete County.

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