Who Is Lucía Peña From “Southern Hospitality” Season 1?

Southern Hospitality, starring a slew of newbies, is due to launch on Bravo on Monday. Luca Pea, a VIP waiter at Leva Bonaparte’s nightclub Republic Garden & Lounge, is one of the cast members. Leva and her restaurant crew are the focus of the Southern Charm spin-off. As she balances work and family, the Bravo veteran recognizes a parallel with one of her staff, Luca. Luca, like Leva, is a mother of a small kid who struggles to combine family and career. Lucas, Luca’s two-year-old son, will be three in December. She will be seen serving visitors, particularly VIPs, on Southern Hospitality.

Luca Pea was born in New York.

Luca Pea was reared in New York and is not a Southern belle. The VIP server relocated to Charleston for the sake of her work and family. She spends the day with her kid and works at the Republic Garden & Lounge at night. She contributes insight to the group as she ages, but she also enjoys having fun with her coworkers.

Lucía Peña

According to her Instagram account, she is an Afro-Latina who is also affiliated with the apparel line LuLu Lemon. She is also a member of Omega Phi Beta, a sorority that serves and educates individuals from varied backgrounds. Her Instagram also shows her as a puppy lover, fitness fanatic, fun-loving, and adventurous lady who enjoys being photographed. Luca’s love life will be a part of the Southern Hospitality plot, according to her profile on Bravo’s website. She will attempt to give her son’s father another opportunity, but only time will tell whether the two can reconcile.

According to Luca’s bio:

“Luca Pea/VIP Server, a New York native, spends her days raising her two-year-old son and her evenings working at Republic.” The younger staff appreciates that, despite being a few years older and more experienced, Luca still parties with them. She refuses to settle for a subpar relationship with her 2-year-old son’s father at first, and after ultimately agreeing to give it another go, she quickly finds that skeletons from the past may make it difficult for them to be together.”

On Southern Hospitality, she will be shown finding solace in her work family amongst her personal turmoil.

Who are the Southern Hospitality cast members?

Luca, along with Emmy Sharrett, is the VIP server on Southern Hospitality. Leva Bonaparte, Maddi Reese, Bradley Carter, Mia Alario, Will Kulp, Joe Bradley, TJ Dinch, Grace Lilly, and Mikel Simmons are among the remaining cast members.

The official definition of Southern Hospitality is as follows:

“Working at Republic is the gold standard for Leva’s squad, a fierce bunch of best friends pushed by their work hard/play hard mindset.” They are compelled to battle for great spots and the finest nightlife recommendations the city has to offer. Leva sets a high standard, yet she treats them as family, leading this group of young, enthusiastic individuals through love, disagreement, makeups, breakups, and everything in between.”

Lucía Peña

It goes on:

“As the matriarch of Republic, Leva has a lot on her plate as she tries to be the voice of reason with her unpredictable team, but she’s never hesitant to make harsh choices that might affect the dynamic of this tight-knit community.” While the team juggles personal and professional obligations, the stakes have never been greater for Leva as she prepares for Charleston’s largest summer in recent memory.”

The first episode will run on Bravo on November 28, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. Viewers may also watch it on Peacock or the network’s website afterward. Every Monday, new episodes of Southern Hospitality premiere on Bravo.

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